Chandler Ervin

Chandler Ervin

  • Position: Psychotherapist
  • Credentials: LMFT-Associate
  • Supervision: Cynthia Carter, LMFT-S (TX 201571)
  • Specialties: Children/Teens who struggle with emotional regulation, Individuals with Anxiety/Panic Disorder, Parenting for school-aged children
MA, LMFT-Associate

About Chandler Ervin

Let’s be honest, life is hard. From day to day, things move, shake, shift, and change in directions where everything seems out of control. One moment we feel on top of the world and the next – we find ourselves spiraled to the bottom. But what if things were different? Would you regain focus? Could you finally do what is important while being stress-free? What would happen if you took the wheel of your life again? With you as the driver, forward is only one direction to change. You can decide the rest.

Whether to process, resolve, or heal – I am here for you. I understand that you are unique and therapy should be uniquely tailored to your values and needs. My approach builds upon these elements using Solution-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Strength-Based Interventions. 

Through the power of hope, faith, and guidance, my aim is that whoever steps into the room will learn how to work out their emotions, manage problems that arise, and express themselves in a healthy way. Because you have set out to begin this journey, I fully believe that you will see what you hope to be. You can take the first step and give me a call.



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