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How We Treat

At Therapy and Co, we aim to create a personalized path to mental wellness with our Psychiatric Services. Our friendly team of experienced psychiatrists is ready to help. Whether you're an individual or a concerned parent/guardian, we're here to understand your unique symptoms and needs and co-create the most effective path to recovery.

Step by Step How Psychiatric Services Work

Step 1: Evaluation

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation ($525)

Step 2: Stabilization

Follow-up ($255)

Step 3: Consolidation

Brief Follow-up ($165)

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Psychiatric Evaluations Offer In-Depth Assessment to Help You Understand Your Mental Health Condition.

Our Psychiatrists Provide Expert Diagnosis and Personalized Care, Guiding You Toward Mental Wellness.

Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment with a Warm Welcome to New Patients

Therapy and Co Offers Virtual and In-Person Psychiatry, Including Assessments, Diagnosis, Medication Management, and Referrals

Medication Management is Essential in Psychiatric Care, Ensuring You Get the Right Medicine for Your Body and Lifestyle. 

Our Providers Diligently Personalize Your Medication and Dosage for Optimum Results.

Free Consultations

Start with a conversation, not a commitment.

Easy Appointments

Click "Book Now" below, select a therapist or psychiatrist, opt for virtual or in-person, and schedule your first session for as soon as tomorrow.

Diverse Expertise

Specialists in various fields of mental health, from psychiatric evaluations to couples therapy.

Community Roots

With our deep local connections, we understand and passionately serve our community.

Dr. Salih Selek

With over a decade of experience in academic psychiatry, my mission is to offer personalized, evidence-based treatments that empower you to regain control of your mental well-being.


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