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If in-person therapy and counseling is a better fit, we look forward to seeing you in our space created for your comfort and ease. 

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If online therapy and counseling is a better fit, we offer private, confidential phone or video sessions.

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Getting started is the hardest step, and we’re here to make it painless and stress-free for all.

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Houston’s Integrative Center for Mental Wellness, Therapy, and Psychiatry

Welcome to Therapy and Co

Life’s pressures don’t pick favorites – we all feel the weight. Sometimes, it feels like you’re supposed to have all the answers, but here’s the thing: it’s okay not to.

We understand—we’ve been there. We’re not just clinicians; we’re people who’ve faced our own battles. We know firsthand that true insight and effective change are co-created with professionals who are not just dedicated but deeply immersed in their specialty fields.

Each member of our team brings a level of specialized knowledge to provide you with tailored, evidence-based care, guiding you step-by-step toward the life you deserve—a life of ease.

So, when you’re ready to take that step, we’re here. And remember, this is a conversation, not a commitment. Your path to wellness should feel natural, never forced. Let’s start a conversation and see where it takes us.

Dr. Merih Kayar
Co-Founder and Managing Director of Therapy and Co

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True insight and effective change co-created with therapists and psychiatrists.

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Specialists in various fields of mental health, from psychiatric evaluations to couples therapy.

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With our deep local connections, we understand and passionately serve our community.


Meet our Therapists and Psychiatrists

Our compassionate team in the heart of Houston is dedicated to meeting you right where you are, bringing a wealth of expertise and genuine empathy to every session.

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It is Always Possible to Cultivate a Life You Love Living



Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work
together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that's not answered here? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff for more information or personalized assistance.
We are an out-of-network provider. Please use our Benefits Checker Tool to see if you qualify for reimbursement for our services.  Feel free to contact us if you need help understanding your out-of-network insurance benefits. 
We are not the best fit for everyone. We strongly believe in matching clients to the best therapist for their specific needs, which is why we offer a free 15-minute consultation to learn about you, your needs, and goals. If we are not the best fit for you, we’re happy to offer referrals to outside clinicians. You can book your consultation here. To learn more about the issues we can help, visit our Specialties page.

All sessions are private and confidential, with the exception that you are a danger to yourself or others, or if there's any sign of child or elder abuse. Your therapist will send you our confidentiality agreement to sign before your session.
Therapy is personalized to each person, depending on their concerns and goals. It is not uncommon for therapy to last weeks or months in order to develop meaningful change. Your therapist will craft and discuss a personalized treatment for you. Many people continue therapy beyond their initial chief complaint and use the therapeutic space for exploration and growth.
If your desired therapist isn't available through our online booking system, or their availability does not match yours feel free to reach out to us via call, text, or email. We will do our best to accommodate you!
We have partnered with Mentaya to help our clients save money on therapy without the hassle of dealing with insurance companies. If you qualify, Mentaya will handle your out-of-network claims and ensure insurance reimbursement. They charge a 5% processing fee per claim and have helped clients receive thousands of dollars back in reimbursements.
You may also submit your reimbursement request directly to your insurance company using the superbill provided by your therapist. For more information on this, please reach out to your insurance company

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