Sarah Sepolio

Sarah Sepolio

  • Position: Co-Founder, Practice Director, Psychotherapist
  • Credentials: LMFT-Associate
  • Supervision: Heather Cochran, LMFT-S (TX 201901)
  • Specialties: Sex Therapy, Open/Polyamory Relationships, Kink + Therapy, LGBTIA+ Issues
MA, LMFT-Associate

About Sarah Sepolio

You might be here because of your struggles with trauma or a traumatic experience? Perhaps you and your partner need help with your relationship, sex, and intimacy. As a psychotherapist my work is driven by the deeply held belief that people get better. Regardless of what you’ve experienced in the past, you are worthy of healthy relationships that provide meaningful connection and unconditional love. My aim for you is to feel understood, accepted, and supported. I believe in creating a warm space where you feel safe to express yourself freely and to truly feel heard.

I believe that because our experiences are different, there is no one therapeutic approach that works for everyone. Instead, I will tailor a treatment plan that best fits your beliefs, values, and needs. My approach uses elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Sex therapy, and Virtual Reality therapy.

It can be difficult to be open and vulnerable. There is bravery and strength in the ability to look inward, be honest and open, and dedicate yourself to your own well-being. You deserve a place where you can be yourself. I welcome you to come and get closer to the person you want to be to improve the quality of your relationships with yourself and others.

When I am not seeing clients, I love spending time with my strong-minded and passionate 16-year-old teen. We enjoy traveling and discovering new coffee shops together. My current adventure is looking for the best taco truck in Houston.