Therapy for Phobias

Therapy for Phobias

Phobias are characterized as an intense, irrational, and lasting fear of a certain object, situation, or activity.


There are approximately 19 million Americans have a specific phobia and many people have more than one specific phobia. There are numerous types of phobias all which manifest differently. Phobias can be related to an underlying condition or be caused by traumatic experiences, substance misuse, or being raised by adults with phobia or anxiety. We know that phobias can be debilitating and are here to walk with you on your journey of healing and getting control of your life back.

Below is a list of possible symptoms of phobias. Everyone experiences phobia differently and may experience some or all of these symptoms. Conversely, we may experience some of these symptoms at one time or another, and it does not necessarily mean we have a phobia.



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How can we help? Our therapists specialize in therapy for eating disorders. We use evidence-based practices in our therapeutic approach including, EMDR, CBT, and Virtual Reality therapies.

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Navigate your fears with the help of our therapists specialized in treating phobias. From social phobias to specific fears like flying or heights, our experts employ proven techniques to help you regain control and live a more fulfilling life.

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