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Couples Therapy in Houston

Couples in Houston may decide to come to therapy when they have experienced a life transition or significant life event. Couples therapy provides an opportunity for a neutral third party to help you and your partner navigate the complexities of your relationship and gain an understanding of one another.

Therapy and Co is here to help you and your partner uncover core issues and communication patterns. Our couples therapists specialize in guiding you to find new and effective ways of communicating and connecting with one another that are based on empathy, curiosity, and respect.

As a therapy group that promotes diversity and inclusivity, we have therapists who specialize in LGBTQIA+ couples and open relationships. We welcome every type of couple in our boutique. Send us a message to book an appointment or inquire about our services.

What Is Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps a couple improve their communication and connection by addressing existing challenges that hinder them from having a healthy relationship.

Couples therapy is shown to be highly effective with studies showing an overall significant decrease in psychological distress and improvement in relationship satisfaction.

Here at Therapy and Co, we have therapists trained in different types of counselling including EFT, Gottman Method, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Sex Therapy, and CBT.

We understand that because your experiences are unique, your therapist should be suited to your and your partner’s personalized needs.

Once you complete your free 15 minute consultation, you’ll be matched with a therapist who best fits your goals, personality, and needs. Talk to us to know more about how to start couples therapy with us.

How Our Therapy Works for Houston Couples

Our counseling session works differently from one pair to another. It is not a structured program where the couple goes from one step to another and expects the same results as what others achieved.

While getting into couples therapy may seem a challenging ordeal, the first session is the most crucial part. Here’s how to achieve a good outcome out of your first session.

The Initial Phone Call Or Email

The couples therapy starts with an initial phone call to a therapist to determine if you are both fit to work together. The phone call may last up to 15 minutes, depending on how well you and your therapist can comfortably discuss standard details to get started.

The First Session

The first session is a getting-to-know-you stage when starting couples therapy. During this session, you can ask all questions regarding the process, and your therapist may ask about your objectives. The meeting lets you know how the therapy works and if you and your therapist are a good match.

Getting The Session In The Books

As you decide on pursuing couples therapy after the initial session, it’s time to deal with scheduling. We recognize that you and your partner can get busy with work and your personal life; that is why we are open to having flexible appointments. We emphasize having flexible arrangements that will work best within your schedules.

How Our Couples Therapy Helps

Our goal is to help you grow your relationship or marriage and make it self-sustaining. On the other hand, we recognize that not all relationships are bound to stay. Our mission is to provide a guide to reach a mutual and respectable understanding for partners who decide to part ways.

Our couples therapist will explore your relationship and individual values and identify existing issues that hinder your romance from prospering.

Upon knowing your issues and desired goals, your therapist will devise couples therapy exercises to address your challenges.


A fundamental factor in maintaining a healthy relationship is trust. A relationship should anchor in commitment and reliability to one another. If this is not present, the foundation of your partnership can easily crumble, resulting in instability and insecurity. It also branches out to other forms of issues within the relationship.


Physical and emotional intimacy builds comfort within partners. Lack of connection may result in losing interest in your sex life and affection. With therapy exercises, we can help you rebuild a relationship that links you once again with each other.


Healthy and strong communication in a relationship builds trust and confidence in one another. Lack of communication results in frustrationmisunderstanding, and lack of interest. If there is solid communication, there is a strong connection, making you feel more valued, heard, appreciated, and loved.

Couple Therapy Services in Houston

Relationships have different conflicts to address. These struggles may come from varied reasons that your therapist needs to uncover to address existing challenges.

Therapy and Co can find a solution for the following areas:


Trace the root cause of the unfaithful act and come up with reconciliation and healing.


Help eliminate dependence and relive connection with the real world.

Anger and Resentment

Tackle the reason for rage and discuss how to deal with matters without raising your temper.

Discernment Counseling

Guidance on what to do for marriage nearing divorce or separation.


Identify factors that trigger unhappiness and despair and find the solution to address them.


Help ease mental health struggles such as worry and fear.


Process and evaluate thoughts and feelings from unfortunate and disturbing ordeals.

Sexual Wellness

Address sexuality with respect and mutual understanding.

Low or No Sex

Identify factors for low sex life and find a mutual solution to increase intimacy.

Waning Chemistry

Provide avenues to cultivate connection and rediscovery of one another.

Loss of Trust

Identify gaps and rebuild connections through communication.

Poor Communication

Address reasons for lack of communication and establish stronger ties for better understanding.

Emotionally Cold or Disconnected Partner

Find out the root cause of distant behavior and provide fun ways to reconnect.

Constant Blame

Recognize mistakes and help promote accountability.

Differences in Parenting Styles

Explore how styles complement each other and find common ground for guiding children as they grow.

Haven’t seen what you are looking for? No problem! At Therapy and Co, we work with a network of amazing therapists and would be happy to connect you with someone who would fit your needs.

Benefits Of Our Couples Therapy

A relationship therapist can help you survive trying times by addressing conflict. It also prepares a couple to deal with future challenges that may come their way.

These are the benefits of couples therapy:

10+ Signs You Need Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is not only for partners who are going through tough times. Partners can benefit from these sessions even at their happiest times. The therapy, whether online couples counseling or in-person meetings, is an excellent opportunity to prepare a couple for tough times by laying the groundwork.

However, if you are in a struggling relationship, couples therapy is much more needed.

Here are some of the signs you need to seek for a therapist:

Couples Therapy Cost

The cost of couples therapy depends on your therapist’s professional fee, the duration of your session, and the number of sessions you will have to attend. The price of your therapists also varies depending on their expertise. The sessions usually last from 50 to 70 minutes. You may also choose an online couples therapy or an in-person meeting.

Your therapist will have to determine the number of sessions for your couples therapy depending on whether you have already reached the objectives we laid out for you during the initial meeting.

Book a free consultation with us to find out the fees of our therapists and the overall cost of couples therapy.

Why Choose Therapy and Co As Your Couples Therapist?

Safe Place

Our couples therapy boutique in Houston is your safe place to lay down the issues surrounding your relationships. Our therapists are all ears in listening to you and your partner’s feelingsfears, and hopes without judgment.

Online Relationship Counseling

Aside from visiting our Houston location, we can arrange an online relationship therapy to adjust to your busy schedule. Live video sessions are encouraged if you are not comfortable.

Free Consultation

Get to know what to expect in couples therapy with our free consultation. There is no need to sign up for a commitment. Just check out how we can help you with your relationship in a 15-minute talk, and let’s find out together the next steps.

Inclusive Environment

Our group values diversity and inclusiveness in relationships. We have therapists who specialize in LGBTQIA+ couples and open relationships.

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The couples therapy starts with an initial phone call to a therapist to determine if you are both fit to work together. The phone call may last up to 15 minutes, depending on how well you and your therapist can comfortably discuss standard details to get started.

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