Inner Child Workshop

Bridging Past and Present: Inner Child Workshop to Discover Healing from Within

Discover how mindfulness can make drastically positive shifts in your physical and mental health.

Inner child therapy, also known as inner child work or inner child healing, is a therapeutic approach designed to target and resolve lingering emotional and psychological concerns stemming from a person’s childhood. The “inner child” notion is symbolic, representing the emotional and delicate aspect of an individual’s psyche that holds onto the memories and experiences from their childhood.

Here are some key elements and principles of inner child therapy:

Here are some key elements and principles of inner child therapy:

The workshop equips you with everything necessary to embark on the journey of discovering your Inner Child and uncovering all that they have to show you. Each workshop is carefully tailored to suit the individual’s needs.

In the workshop, you’ll learn:

In the workshop, you’ll learn:

Sessions Breakdown

Individual and group sessions will be held weekly for 8 consecutive weeks both in-person and online. There will be homework and exercises for you to practice at home.

Start Your Mindfulness Journey

Discover How Mindfulness Can Make Drastically Positive Shifts in Your Physical and Mental Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the close-knit dynamic of the group, enrollment is limited to a maximum of four participants.
The homework assignments are designed to build upon the topics covered in each session. Participants should anticipate dedicating 30 minutes daily to complete these exercises.
The Inner Child Workshop are consolidated sessions to kickstart your Inner Child healing. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to connect with others who are also embarking on their healing journeys. Sharing your experiences with others will enhance the overall experience. It is recommended to consider ongoing individual therapy after completing the Inner Child Workshop to further delve into what you’ve discovered and to continue your healing journey.
Anonymity and confidentiality are critical aspects of the Inner Child Workshop setting, especially for individuals dealing with sensitive issues like trauma. The Inner Child Workshop relies on a safe and trusting environment, and the assurance of privacy is vital to encourage open and honest sharing. All sessions are private and confidential, with the exception that you are a danger to yourself or others, or if there's any sign of child or elder abuse. Your therapist will send you our confidentiality agreement to sign before your session.
The Inner Child workshop spans four consecutive weeks, with each session lasting 90 minutes.
We understand that sharing personal experiences can be scary. Your Inner Child facilitator establishes a secure and supportive environment, enabling participants to express their life stories with vulnerability. By sharing these personal experiences in an intimate setting, individuals initiate the healing process and begin to free themselves from the grip of their past traumas.
Inner Child workshop facilitators are licensed therapist who hold certification in Inner Child therapy.
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